NEECO Group is a Czech private equity group with global reach. It is a place for teams with great ideas that have the potential to break down standards and distort the market. NEECO Group creates conditions for these teams to turn their ideas into successful businesses.


Our Mission

NEECO Group connects strong personalities with business thinking, helping them aggressively enter the market and quickly gain market share. NEECO Group is not only an investor, but primarily a motivator providing strategic consultancy based on practices that have previously helped grow the NEECO ICT parent company.


IT and Telecommunications

NEECO Group includes several companies operating in the digital services and technologies field. The backbone of the organization is Neeco Global ICT Services, a global provider of information and communications technology.

Human Resources

NEECO Group provides a wide range of services and products connected with human resource management. For example, Benefitka provides meal vouchers and employee benefits using a unique credit card.

Transport and Traffic Control

We offer services and comprehensive solutions in the field of transport and logistics. Our solutions include DC Nest, which makes life easier for truck drivers and their employers through our bluTacho app, or Trexee, which provides a global electronic monitoring system.


We feature a group of companies focused on retail and the support of local producers and suppliers. For example, Cvrk offers sales support to local manufacturers and designers. Café Maluj Creative Center is a place for creative entertainment where you can become a pottery painter in a matter of minutes.

Real Estate

NEECO Group operates several real estate projects. The latest acquisition is Moovido– a platform for real estate sale and rental without unnecessary broker fees.

Investing and Funding

We seek extraordinary founders with product vision, a sharp focus on execution, and unlimited ambition who want to build high growth companies. Our mission is to provide startup financial support and business mentoring in order to increase a company’s likelihood of success to the maximum extent possible.


end-users who are happier thanks to NEECO Group services and products


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